Výstavba a prodej půdních bytů v Praze
Výstavba a prodej půdních bytů v Praze
Výstavba a prodej půdních bytů v Praze
Development and sale of attic apartments in Prague
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PŮDNÍ BYTY s.r.o. – implementation of attic additions and reconstruction of attic spaces

Our company is one of the first developers in the Czech market that specialises in the sale and conversion of attic apartments. The company focuses mainly on development projects in the field of converting attic spaces into residential units and refurbishing apartment buildings in the centre of Prague and the surrounding areas.

Together with our current suppliers, we have realised many projects and our great advantage is, above all, experience in the field.


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Most of our apartments are reserved for a specific client already before construction or at the very beginning of construction. The customer has the opportunity to coordinate the completion of the construction of the apartment according to his wishes..

Offer us your attic space for sale

We offer you the reconstruction of your house while leaving the attic space, which will be used for the construction of residential units. The reconstruction of the house will be completed in 8-10 months from the issuance of the building permit. It won’t touch your wallet or your repair fund, but it will still add value to your home and save you money on repairs for many years to come.

It goes without saying that a static survey of the house is provided. After possible agreement, it is possible to pay a financial deposit during the repair of the roof sheathing. Upon agreement, it is possible to tour buildings that have already been similarly reconstructed.

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    Observing the red roofs of old tenements, counting the towers of old Prague, falling asleep at night under the stars or with the tap of raindrops on the windows. Just an irresistible atmosphere.Read more

    What a flat, the original

    You probably won't find two identical attic apartments, equally furnished and architecturally designed. In addition, if you enter the project in time, you do not have to make compromises and the apartment will be built completely to your liking in the selected manner and materials.Read more

    We bust myths

    At the beginning of the 1990s, the first floors were built without major modifications to the roofs, terraces and balconies, without strengthening the statics of the house and therefore only with plasterboard partitions and insufficient insulation.Read more

    The benefits of an attic apartment

    In recent years, thousands of people have solved their housing problems with the help of old land in the wider center of Prague. Places where pigeons, wet laundry and old junk used to thrive have become very attractive places to live thanks to new technologies.Read more